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The Forensic Geology Series puts a twist on the mystery/thriller genre.

My investigators — Cassie Oldfield and Walter Shaws — use their geological skills to track earth evidence found at scenes of crises and crimes. They go from the lab to the field into outdoors adventure.

In the process, they cover a lot of rough ground.


So what kind of mineral evidence shows up at the scene?

~ A gold-flecked rock is left on the desk of a young man who’s gone missing.

~ Lethal radioactive waste has been stolen, and talc evidence is discovered at the scene.

~ Near a town sitting on a restive volcano, the mayor is found dead with telling mud in her boots.

~ A ‘ghost boat’ turns up adrift, with strange mineral streaks on the stern.

Who you gonna call? Forensic geologists.s


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reviewers ARE SAYING


“I’ve skipped all other reading in favor of this entralling world of loyalty, betrayal, and pyroclastic flows.”

amy rogers

“Forensic geology–picking clues from the mud in a murder victim’s boot, for example, to determine where she last walked on earth–is really cool.”

thrill-a-week reviews

“A unique feature of this forensic thriller series is that the protagonists themselves are not the only ones in danger from the murderer, but the murderer is plotting a more sinister crime that could have cataclysmic results.”

erik wecks
wired.com reviewer

“BADWATER is a taut thriller which uses the environment of Death Valley with great aplomb and skill. Its close encounters with radiation will give the reader chills, and it has the best closing act of any book I have read in years.”

Wired.com:  Best Indie Whodunit